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Welcome to the Paul Bergsøe Hall of Residence

The Paul Bergsøe Dorm is located in Søllerød and is the second largest dorm that is administrated by Polyteknisk KollegieSelskab (PKS).

There are 352 single room and 31 double rooms distributed in 16 two-storey blocks with a kitchen on each floor in the blocks. Every room has a private bathroom. The dorm is located in a scenic area with its own park, lake and forest.

We’ve got our very own bar, pool table, football table, table tennis, bicycle workshop, music room and a laundry department. Due to short 4.5 km distance from DTU and good cycle paths all the way, it is easy to bike to the school. But if that is not your cup of tea, you can take the bus or train to DTU, Lyngby or Copenhagen.

In the following you can read a little more about the Dorm


To apply for a residence at Paul Bergsøe Kollegiet please visit pks.dk


Pictures of the rooms and the dorm in general can be found here


The rent is charged monthly in advance of the college management company Polyteknisk KollegieSelskab, PKS. It is possible to pay the rent using PBS.


The dorms internet is delivered by K-net. Ports can be opened and usage can be monitored here. The plug is located behind the door in the room.


The key that you receive upon moving in when you move in fits the door to your room, the main entrance of your block and possibly one of the doors in the basement, it can also open the main entrance to the main building and the laundry room. If you lose the key you have to pay more than 1500 kr. (the price varies), because the locks have to be replaced. So take good care of it!

If you need an extra key, it can be obtained at the office of our inspector. If every obtained key is not given back when you move out they will be taken from the deposit.

Abuse of the key is against the house rules and can lead to immediate termination of lease.

Defects and Damage

If anything breaks in the room, you a to notify the inspector. He will come fix it or let a craftsman have a look at it. You can find the inspector in his office everyday, except Saturday and Sunday, in the time period from 12 to 13.

National Register Address

Within the first five days after moving in, you have to report the to the population register located in Rudersdal municipality. The municipality citizen service center is located at the City Hall, Øverødvej 2, 2840 Holte. You can get a hold of them by calling them at the number 46 11 13 50. Using borger.dk can also do this.

Your national register address looks like:

Your name
Paul Bergsøe kollegiet
Skodsborgvej 190, st./1*, -room number
2850 Nærum

st. if you live on an odd kitchen and 1 if you live on an even kitchen

Guest room

Click here for more information about the guest room

Additional Questions

If you want to know more, you are more than welcome to write the council raadet@pbk.dk or our administration company pks@pks.dk