Guest room

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The guest room can only be rented by residents of the dorm. It can be rented up to seven days by the same resident per month. The room can accomodate four persons in total with a bunk bed and a double bed. In addition, there is a bathroom and a wardrobe.
Linen and towels are included in the rent. 

Each time the room is rented it costs 150 DKK as a start. Further, it costs 50 DKK per person per night together with a deposit of 200 DKK. The deposit will be given back if the landlord assesses that cleaning is satisfactory and no items is to be replaced.
The costs of rent is: 

1 night, 1 person = 400 DKK
2 nights, 1 person = 450 DKK
1 night, 2 persons = 450 DKK
2 nights, 2 persons = 500 DKK
and so on. 
All the costs are calculated including the deposit. 

Check if the guest room is available here. (If you cannot look forward in the calendar too see the date you wish to book the room, it means the room is available). Hereafter you can request to book the room.

For special requests, please contact the landlord at